San Isidro is 20 km. far from the city of Buenos Aires. An exclusive residential neighborhood, it grew towards the Río de la Plata´s riverside. Its Cathedral is a monumental work of architecture from the 1890´s. Its main tower is 68 meters tall and the stone and wooden walls have stained glass windows made in France and Gothic rose windows.
San Isidro is a big sport city. Not only water sports like windsurf, wakeboard and water ski are practiced here, but also rugby: two of the most traditional rugby clubs can be found in this city, cradle of the best rugby players that today succeed all over the world.

In matters or growth, the Paraná Delta is one of a kind, it´s born in the Diamante port, in Entre Ríos and continues southwest towards the Río de la Plata, so it actually joins fresh waters.
Because of it´s great length it´s divided into two sections, Tigre county is the first one. The second one belongs to the San Fernando Delta and has been declared "Biosphere Reserve" by the UNESCO.

Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires - Palermo

Tour around “Tres de Febrero” park visiting “El Rosedal” where 12.000 roses of 5.000 spices are cultivated.

San Isidro

Tour around San Isidro neighborhood. Lunch in a typical restaurant by the horse racing field of San Isidro.

Tigre - Delta
Transfer to Tigre port. Board a boat for Delta inner channels and River Plate navigation
Buenos Aires

Pick up at Buenos Aires north pier and transfer to Hotel


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