The trip begins in ¨Malargue¨ the so called Capital of the Adventure Tourism. Here nature will surprise us with the incredible rock formations of the "Atuel" river canyon.   The road will lead us into the earth visiting the "Witches' cave" in a complete and adventurous speleologic tour.
The adventure continues in the valley of "Las Leñas" (an incredible winter complex), the "Pozo de las Animas" which is an old crater just at ground level and the "Niña Encantada" lagoon. Our trip goes on trough the "Argentine wine route" crossing San Rafael and the city of Mendoza, which will be used as a base to visit the America's highest mountain named "Aconcagua" (6960 m / 21000 ft).
Unforgettable is the word that describes perfectly well the rafting of the river Mendoza which reaches 4/5 levels of rapid difficulty according to the season. The wine tastings will also be part of the remarkable journey. More surprising will be our visit to "Ischigualasto Park" better known as "Valle de la Luna" (Moon Valley), a huge paleontological park in the province of San Juan. Of course the tour could not be complete without visiting the "Talampaya National Park" famous archeological site full of aborigines' paintings and surrounded by the beautiful river-carved landscape of the canyon.
These two contiguous parks, contain the most complete continental fossil record known from the Triassic Period (245-208 million years ago). No other place in the world has a fossil record comparable to that of Ischigualasto-Talampaya thus being declared World Heritage by UNESCO on 2000.