The trip starts in Buenos Aires heading to the province of "Corrientes". In our way we will make a stop at the "Palacio San José", nowadays a museum that is a living witness of the Argentine history.   We will follow our way through the "El Palmar" National Park. Having as major attraction the native palm trees (Yatay palms) that abound in the landscape. We will also observe some dense tree galleries over the river's margin, that serve as shelter to a diverse fauna.
Arriving to the city of Concordia we will relax and take a thermal bath so as to be fine tuned to continue our voyage on the very next day to our new destiny… The "Ibera" marshlands. Here, and infinite numbers of activities, adventures and surprises awaits for us like kayaking through the marshlands, photo safaris, horse riding and for the adventure ones a guided snorkel with "yacarés" (South American caiman).
Entering the province of "Misiones", we'll make a stop in the city of "Posadas" from where we'll continue to the Jesuit ruins of "San Ignacio" which were declared as World Heritage by the UNESCO and immortalized in the film "The Mission" We'll head towards the "Moconá" falls, a pristine rainforest environment that we will fully live from our exclusive and luxury jungle-lodging. During our stay a floating adventure trip on the river "Yaboti Guazú" and a visit to a "Guaraní" aborigine town, awaits for us.
The closing of the trip will be in hands of the "Iguazú National Park". Here, the incredible furious red soil and the roaming of the river will set up the scenerio for the world famous "Iguazú falls"(UNESCO World Heritage - 1986), where we'll navigate trough its waterfalls. The park shares with Brazil one of the world's largest and most impressive waterfalls. It is home to many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. Floating